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 Create an Audio Guide for your Site 

  Enhances the visitor experience 

 Create an Audio Guide for your Site 

  Enhances the visitor experience  

Museums · Nature Sites · City Tours · Parks

Tour-man produced over 150 audio guides in Israel and world-wide in a variety of languages

Tour for adults, children and people with disabilities

Fit your Business with a tour

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Enhance the experience and make your business accessible for the independent traveler. Offer a costume made audio guide.

Tour-man will accompany you through all the productions steps: choosing the tour route, writing the tour, recording and more.

You can choose to upload the tour to a costume app for your business, use a costume audio device or both.

It's possible to create tours in a variety of languages for different audiences (tour to the general audience, children tours and more) according to your needs.

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Audio Guide App

Suitable for city tours and open sites

Tour-man audio device

Costume Audio Device

Costume audio tours device

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